TSAP aims to align its work to the achievement of the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals and the estimated $2.5 trillion gap needed to achieve these objectives. For more information, click here

Why work with us?

TSAP brings together a unique group of senior principals and associates who bring together a wide range of skills:

  • between 10 and 30 years each of of board and senior management experience in business growth, development & turnaround
  • significant international senior contacts in government, corporate and non-profit sectors
  • deep sector expertise across human services and social assistance
  • significant understanding of policy development and commissioning by public agencies
  • extensive strategic and operational expertise in directing large scale businesses as well as significant pedigree in start up and new ventures
  • knowledge and expertise building teams to advise and work alongside organisations of all sizes

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The Social Assistance Partnership

Helping clients understand, develop and create innovation in new social ventures, impact investment and public service markets

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