Strategy Planning and Review

TSAP possesses the skills and experience to ensure effective support throughout the strategic planning process regardless of where our clients may be on that journey. Working with your leadership team, we draw from a comprehensive range of strategic support processes designed to help achieve your goals. Ranging from discrete workshops to facilitate the planning process, to comprehensive strategic planning production, we have the tools and resources to structure the right support for you.

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TSAP has supported a number of clients to provide strategic reviews of their current business operation. A recent project included interviews and workshops with key internal stakeholders, workshops with commissioners, competitors and policy advisors, and a desk-based market analysis. The resulting series of recommendations were presented to the board in a discussion workshop and are being used as a basis for our client’s new strategic direction.

Engaging with financiers and investors

As TSAP has worked across international markets to support service innovation, market development, capacity building, growth strategies, first mover expansion and turnaround. We have built a strong knowledge base of the range of support required by clients, including specialized investment in the impact/social investment space. According to your organisations’s specific needs we can help access advice, guidance and introductions to the appropriate investment channels. We help clients navigate potential partners and provide informal support in accessing and assessing different partnering and investment options.

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A client approached TSAP for advice on engaging with banks and investors for a project they were developing. TSAP met with banks and investors on behalf of the client to shortlist those institutions with whom the client met to discuss the investment requirements. TSAP was able to introduce the client to a number of new funders they would not have accessed or known of to support their growth ambitions.

High Growth Support

TSAP’s partners have extensive experience of the requirements of high growth businesses and the specific challenges involved. We offer a range of services including action planning, business model review, skills audits, network development, team coaching, mentoring, goal setting and access to financial support.

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TSAP has supported a range of clients who are ambitious in driving growth. We are working with a small high growth company to support their expansion. This includes mentoring the founders, helping them develop their board structure, supporting them in raising capital for growth and assisting them in managing the challenges of a rapidly scaling multi site operation. We act as a critical friend providing both support and challenge where required.

Investment decision making review

It’s essential when making investments to gain a comprehensive sense check of the deliverability of the plan. TSAP can provide an independent and comprehensive review of key investment decisions and provide market insight to test your plans. Services include market analysis, commissioning reviews, detailed policy analysis, financial modeling and insight into investor presentation.

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Recently a client planned to make a significant investment to expand their health service provision to a new international market. TSAP prepared a detailed report examining the metrics of the target market, key policy developments and tested the strategic direction. As part of the service provided we arranged workshops with policy makers, providers and commissioners to support the client make an informed decision about the suitability of the investment.

Market insight analysis and diligence

Expanding services or entering a new market requires effective planning and insight. TSAP supports clients by reviewing the decision-making process, evaluation of the market opportunity and gathering data and insight from the competitive environment. Our network of operators, commissioners, policy makers and investors can support clients in assessing investment options.

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TSAP’s client wanted analysis of the impact of legislation and new policy changes in the health market with a view to understanding the most effective method of market entry. TSAP undertook a review of the procurement process changes linked to the clients current operational USPs in order to make detailed recommendations on the most effective approach to expansion.

New Market Entry

TSAP’s partners have successful managed expansion across a wide range of international markets. Understanding the cultural, operational and logistical differences is essential to ensure that you make informed decisions on the challenges and rewards available. In addition to business planning tools and support, TSAP has excellent networks across markets to provide stakeholder views on the market and competitive features to drive success.

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We recently worked with a client to develop their strategy for their first international venture. This included scoping the market, engaging with commissioners, mapping their current services to the new market, assisting in service design, introducing them to financial institutions/partners and supply chains and assisting in their business development strategy – organic and acquisitive. In addition, we supported the project management of the new venture, providing reports for the board and internal stakeholders.

Another TSAP client required support in entering a new international market. TSAP designed a schedule for the country visit that included a series of meetings with the policy makers and commissioners our team know well, allowing the client to understand their requirements and highlight the capabilities the client could bring to the new market. We then developed a programme of work to support the client in the design of a new service blueprint for an adjacent market. This service outline is the foundation of their go to market strategy and investment in the growth of a new business unit

Building international strategic partnerships

Built up over two decades of growing international operations, TSAP has a wide network from which we draw insight and analysis. We understand the strengths and opportunities of operating in different international markets and the USPs that emerge that have high value in aligned geographies. Developing a relationship with a partner in a target market can often be a very effective method of expansion – providing insight, joint venture opportunities and synergies across operating platforms.

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One of our US based clients asked TSAP to undertake a review of businesses that could provide complimentary capabilities to enable expansion into the Australian market. Building on our comprehensive networks TSAP facilitated the development of a key strategic partnership between two clients that generated significant value and synergy. TSAP’s in depth appreciation of the different markets and the operational approaches of the different parties enabled a much quicker and efficient understanding of the opportunity. The resulting joint venture enabled the domestic business to gain significant operational advantage and our client gained support with entrance into a new international market.

Supply Chain Development

Many of our clients’ business opportunities require building complex solutions that engage a wide range of service expertise. Often such expertise extends beyond the capabilities of our client’s structure necessitating the creation of the right sort of partnership. TSAP has extensive experience with analyzing and addressing service gaps to build a compelling solution that fully addresses the stated needs of a particular challenge. Our networks can support clients in developing innovative co-ventures and supplier engagement. We help business design, engage, and enlist the right mix of providers to create efficient and productive supply chains, strategic partnerships, or joint ventures.

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A client required rapid development of a supply chain to compete in the UK employability market. We promoted the client’s brand at a number of events, advertised and marketed their offer, carried out due diligence on the potential supply chain and advised on the design of the structure including financial and commercial structures.