Youth Opportunities

Impact Capitalism Summit
24th August 2017
Innovating in your organisation
18th October 2017

PwC released their 2016 Young Workers Index (here) this week and a number of media outlets including The Times reported on it. It makes for disappointing reading again. It’s a tragedy we have been having this debate for over 20 years.

Yesterday I met with a wonderful expert in youth programme policy, design and delivery. She was National Director of the Office of Jobs Corps and has worked in the US and internationally on strategies for engaging with young people from challenging backgrounds. We are planning how we can work together through Tsap to look at TVET and approaches to better engaging and serving young people – helping policy makers, commissioner and providers tackle some of the issues highlighted in PWC’s report.

In the UK, until we innovate in education, skills and employment policy by developing consistent long term strategies that transcend the political election cycles – and so don’t chop and change every 2-5 years – we are likely to fail. As the US celebrates 50 years of JobsCorps, we want to explore how we can share transatlantic knowledge and best practice. It’s a two-way process. With Community College and Apprentice reform in the US, there is much the FE sector is currently undertaking that is of value to the reforms in the US as well. We are also looking at how we support initiatives in Africa and developing economies as well. As ever, get in touch if you are interested.

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