The TSAP Approach

As a team with extensive experience of dealing with issues related to service innovation, frontier markets, growth, transformation and turnaround we understand the challenges our clients wrestle with. Whatever your current support needs, we have expertise and capacity to listen to and understand your requirements to make a positive difference to your business. We have extensive experience and networks across our service markets, so that we can provide expertise to enable you to achieve your goals.

As an advisory firm with a focus on working collaboratively with clients to identify opportunities and challenges. TSAP’s insight and experience enables rapid identification of the steps required to tackle problems, identify options and achieve success. In partnership with you, we will design the solution that is focussed on delivering the best value for you and your customers.

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UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals

TSAP brings together an eclectic group of individuals whose careers span many countries and sectors. The golden thread linking this group of people to work together is a desire to create novel, long term, scaleable solutions to persistent societal problems. Given our collective background, we are motivated to take on projects that have a clear line of sight to contributing to the SDGs and continuing to measure our work in assisting clients towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have aligned the sectors where we work to the interests we have in the SDGs.

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